1. The Objective
Music is an important and vital aspect in the lives of children. Children enjoy and respond naturally to any form of musical

activities. Movement is young children’s natural mode of learning. Music Circle © which is a music and movement

programme that has been specially developed for nurseries, kindergartens / preschools and is suitable for children 2 to 4

years old. 


Apart from teaching the children to have a good sense of rhythm and to sing at the right pitch, Music Circle’s aim

is also to enhance learning in other subject areas such as arithmetic, science and language. It consists of simple,

appropriate musical activities, common nursery rhymes, English folk songs, Traditional Malay songs and animal sounds

for focused listening activities, all of which have been carefully selected and composed.


Music Circle © is being taught during school hours at this taska / pre-school by qualified a music teacher who has been

properly trained in this programme.
2. Children’s Music CD Pack
Just as school textbooks are needed to reinforce learning of other subjects at home, Music Circle ©  offers what is called the

Children’s Pack. This is to allow the child to take the joy of music home to share with the parents and to give him/her the

repetition that s/he needs in order to remember. Young children love and learn best through repetition.  At home, the parent

can provide the opportunity by repeating the activities at appropriate moments. Home is the most important learning

environment in the child’s lifetime and the parent’s role is crucial in this dynamic period of development. She should sing

with her child and use the booklet as a source for playing musically with the child.  


The packet consists of the following items in a zip bag: (a) 1 Parent’s Book and (b) Song CD.

  Music Circle© (2 to 4 years old)        Twist & Turn ( 5 years old)        Nimble & Quick (6 years old)

3.  The Author

Jenny Ong, is the founder of MUSIKGARTEN MALAYSIA. She has over 40 years of teaching experience . Jenny was a music

lecturer  at various Teachers’ Training College of the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. She served as part-time music lecturer

at the London Montessori College and the Kindergarten Association of Malaysia. Jenny holds an Advance Diploma in Music

 Education from University of Exeter (England) and Master of Education Specializing in Early Childhood Music & Education

from Lesley University, Cambridge, USA.