MUSIC CIRCLE License (This is applicable to Malaysia & Singapore only.)


A. License for Nurseries & Pre-Schools

B. License for Teachers



A. License for Nurseries & Pre-Schools


1.  License Fees are RM60 per calendar year in Malaysia. Expires 31 December.
     - Minimum sign-up period is 3 months.
     - If sign-up less than 12 months, fees will be pro-rated.

      Click here to download Application Form

2.  Free Banner (2ft x 3 ft) will be provided to the School

3.  Children’s CD Packs - Compulsory for every student in the School.
      - License Fees will be waived if School purchases 30 Children’s Packs in a year. Full rebate for License Fees


4.  Teachers

     - Send your teachers to attend our 2 full-days workshop. Special discount of 15% (Fifteen).
     - Engage part-time music teachers. Please contact us for the current market rates to pay the teachers.
     - We will try our best to recommend teachers for you.

5.  Maximum class size is 25 students in a class. Assistant teachers will be needed to assist the Music Circle

     Teacher in class if the number of children exceeds 10.

6.  Resources and Instruments required to teach MUSIC CIRCLE and the cost to purchase them. Please contact

     us to get the latest pricing.


7.  Children’s CD Packs for the different age-groups.

Age-Group of Children







2 to 4 years old (Taska)



Music Circle

(Book, CD & Bag)




 5 years old  (K1)




Twist & Turn

(Book, CD & Bag)




 6 years old (K2)




Nimble & Quick

(Book, CD & Bag)



B. License for Teachers


It is optional for those who have completed the training to sign-up for the License.


Briefly, the benefits of being a Music Circle Licensed Teacher are:

a) Enjoy discounts when attending workshops as reviewers or new participants

b) Enjoy discounts when purchasing Music Circle Instruments or Family Packs

c) Names will be published in our Website.

d) Marketing & Sales Referrals - we will connect licensed teachers to Nurseries or Pre-Schools when they

    call us to ask for part-time music teachers for their centres. For transport reasons, we will only contact

    those who are in the same or adjacent neighbourhood only. But licensed teachers can inform us to state

    their preference for locations they would like to cover.